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Star Bright Advisers, LLC is a real estate note investment company in West Palm Beach, FL, focused on investment portfolio expansion and higher yields through creative acquisitions and redeveloping real estate projects throughout the US while deploying strategic reperforming methods for the highest desirable investment outcomes.  Our portfolios are comprised of a variety of real estate, including single family residences, multi-family residences, commercial properties of various types, and non-performing mortgage notes.

Cultivating relationships that are founded on integrity and trust, we invest in non-traditional, alternative investments for our own portfolio.  With the current climate of traditional investing returning varying results, cap rates on the decline, and extremely low inventory, we work diligently to hit our goals of sourcing unique and attractive investment opportunities with non-performing real estate notes.  In addition to this, our preferred strategy allows us the ability to do good for homeowners who are in distress while creating a winning outcome for everyone involved.        


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Star Bright Advisers is a private investment firm focused exclusively on investing in non-performing and performing residential and commercial real estate notes. Our relationships with financial institutions allow us the ability to purchase non-performing assets at a considerable discount where we specialize in comprehensive analysis of those assets and identify highly desired profit potential for investment opportunities.   With our strategy, we are able to work with lenders and borrowers alike to create above average returns in a much shorter time span than traditional investments such as 401K's, Mutual Funds, Stocks, and Bonds. Additionally, this investing strategy allows us the ability to help distressed homeowners save their property and remain in their home if they so choose.